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Dr. Richard Formica, Ph.D.

As a Psychologist and Parenting Expert with over 40 years of teaching patients and parents how to use practical psychological skills, my goals are to help you flourish psychologically and to simultaneously raise psychologically healthy children.

Parenting is an exquisite journey in which we are pursuing our most deeply cherished values—to raise children whom we can be proud of and happy for. 

My mission is to help you to accomplish this while growing yourself as a parent and as a person. It is what my wife Marilynn and I, as parents, committed ourselves to do with our three lovely children, and continue to do with our six precious grandchildren. It is what I would like to pass on to you.


Parent Counseling
with Parents

Parenting can be joyful. Parenting can be connecting intimately. Parenting can be emotionally moving. But it is difficult, complicated, confusing and challenging. As an expert in parent counseling, I teach a comprehensive, skill-based approach in which I apply a problem-solving method to select and apply concrete skills and specific approaches to parent-child problems.

Integrative Psychotherapy
with Adults

As a psychotherapist, I employ an integrative, interpersonal approach which I combine with very active approaches based on principles found in CBT (Cognitive Behavior Therapy), ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy), DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy) and IFS (Internal Family Systems Therapy). I organize all approaches around my own Formica/Fairfield Problem-Solving Method.

About Dr. Formica

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I am a psychologist, psychotherapist, and pioneer in the field of Parent Counseling. As a psychologist licensed in both New Jersey and Oregon, I am an expert and specialist in Parent Counseling. In my clinical practice, I specialize in treating patients who struggle with family and personal relationships, parenting challenges, and career issues. In addition to being an expert in Parent Counseling, I have developed innovative problem-solving methods for treating adults whose relationships cause pain and misery rather than satisfaction and joy.




Recently, I have written a short, practical book entitled “Parenting With Wisdom and Skill: A Practical Guidebook,” available on Amazon . . .



Free downloads of short parenting articles I have written to guide today’s parents in dealing with issues of pressing concern . . .

Television & Radio

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Over the years I have appeared on TV and radio programs to discuss parenting issues. I have also presented numerous lectures to parents in the general community which address topics of interest to parents. I have paid particular attention to parents of children

with special challenges in order to guide parents to help with the issues presented by these children. I have helped parents whose children struggle with problems related to ADHD, learning disabilities, anxiety disorders, mood issues, oppositional problems, spectrum challenges and other uniquely challenging issues.


As a service to parents who had attended my workshops and who needed additional help because they were raising a particularly challenging child, I founded a Center for Parents of Children with ADHD in Teaneck, NJ, which provided counseling to both ADHD children and their parents.

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